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Quality healthcare

for The Community

Welcome to Garden Of Eden Health Center

We have a variety of goals that we want to accomplish with our Health Center. We want to provide quality healthcare to communities that are high risk, such as rural residences and seniors. We aim to educate others about the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine. People should be introduced to a more integrated and holistic perspective of the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Mission

Development of a Community Urgent Care Clinic, Health Education Program, and Therapeutic-Holistic Health Center founded on the Faith-based principles of Creation Health with the support of partners in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the small mountain town of Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Make A Difference Today

How Will Garden Of Eden Health Center Become A Reality?

Phase 1

Renovation of a facility (at the entrance to 33 acres of land northeast of the town of Jayuya) to create a low cost Community Health Clinic to provide basic medical services to this rural area and to provide Health Education with preventative care. In addition, we hope to begin work on the landscaping and grounds to beautify them.

Phase 2

Build a newer, larger and more modern Community Health Clinic building in order to provide more expanded services and education programs. Convert the old Clinic into a Welcome and Education Center.

Phase 3

Build the health center facilities with comfortable rooms for short-term and long-term care. This includes a beautiful and peaceful nature walk and gardens, a river walk and facilities for therapeutic-holistic activities and exercises.

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